Welcome !

Stay faithful to the stories in your head.

-Paula Hawkins

Hello readers, I see you have stumbled upon my blog somehow. Let me share a little bit about my initiative to start Unsaid Words with you.

Writing for me has always been an outlet for my emotions. It’s pretty hard to understand our own thoughts when there are millions of things going on in our minds. The most beautiful thing about writing is that it helps us to discover our beliefs in the most indecisive times and becomes a companion that we never had – to share our sorrows. Angry? Someone messed up again? No problem, write exactly how your feel, uncensored, exactly what’s on your mind.

Putting feelings into words produces therapeutic effects on the brain. But at the same time, remember – if words have the power to heal they also hold the power to hurt. There is a story I heard when I was younger, about Abraham Lincoln. Whenever he felt surging anger for anyone, he used to write all that came to his mind in a letter to that person. But this never offended the later because Lincoln never posted the letters. Writing his thoughts down simply helped him get all those feelings off his chest.

The purpose of my writing is to become closer to myself, not to be distant with others. Unsaid Words is all about putting myself out to the world – one word at a time. The interpretation of my writings might be different for different people. Well! That’s the beauty of Art, it can have as many meanings as the angles it is being looked at.

Thank you for visiting Unsaid Words… Hope you have a good time reading !!!
Do let me know your feedback in Comments section. πŸ™‚

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